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OLIVADOURO is born on October 17, 2011 with the objective of executing an innovative agricultural project.

The partners who until now were involved in other areas of business, but bearing in mind that their family roots are linked to traditional agriculture, they decided to invest in the project that is born with the name Olivadouro.

The name Olivadouro, subtendent both the business area - OLIVA and the region where the project Douro superior is planted.

Olivadouro defends the modernization of the sector where it operates from the production of olive to the elaboration of high quality olive oil.

The project has an area of 32ha planted so far.

Our mission is to produce high quality olive oils.

The Project

The project with 32ha of planted area is located in the marked region of the upper Douro in one of the most attractive valleys by the
their climatic conditions. The Valley of Vilariça.

The bet on innovation is strategic, so it has always been considered important to take into account several premises namely
the climatic changes being that soon bet on the plantation in the irrigation drop by drop, serving this system to give also
the necessary nutrients to Oliveira throughout the year.

This year of 2017 with the drought that makes you feel all the cultures are being affected, instead the Olivadouro does not over with this lack of rain, because we manage to keep our olive trees with daily watering, thus not damaging the fruit.

With the mechanized harvest, we obtain fresh olives in excellent daily quantities at the optimum moment of maturation that goes directly to the winery in less than 2 hours the process of extraction of olive oil begins.
With this point we avoid the detioration of the fruit and the fermentation of the same, always guaranteeing quality to the final product the olive oil.

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