We take care of olive groves throughout the year using technology to:

★ Irrigation
★ Fertilization
★ Monitoring
★ Pruning
★ Harvesting and transportation


The harvest is mechanized and is done when the olive is in the optimum moment of maturation and transported to the mill in less than 2 hours, to maintain the quality of the fruit after the mechanized harvest.


Receiving the olive in the winery
After the olives are harvested, they are transported to the mill quickly. When they arrive at the mill they are collected and washed to remove some leaves and dust particles from the harvest and transport.
After cleaning it is heavy and then ready to enter the extraction process.

Olive mill
The olive is crushed to break the films and the cell walls, favoring the exit of the droplets of the oil. It is an important process for effective separation.

Batching term / Preparation of the paste
In order to have the process of homogenizing the olive droplets contained in the olive, beat the olive paste in the beater. This process promotes the joining of olive oil droplets.
The temperature is controlled between 25º 30º to preserve the aroma and flavors of olive oil (the volatile and phenolic component)

Centrifugation / Separation of Olive Oil
The batter will now undergo a mechanical phase separation process.
The solids and liquids are separated by centrifugation. For one side goes the olive oil, for another the bagasse and for another the humidity.


To ensure the quality of the olive juice resulting from the whole process, the olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks until it is wrapped. Avoiding oxidation and photo-degradation.
A sample is taken and sent to the certified laboratory, where a rigorous chemical and sensory analysis is carried out.

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