The olive tree with the scientific name Olea europaea L. is a tree of the oleaceous family.

The olive tree produces olives, which are used to make olive oil, preserves or olive paste.

Gifts in Olivadouro we have two varieties.

The Cobrançosa variety that comes from our family ancestors and that never neglected these olive groves and the Arbequina variety that was the great bet in 2011 for the innovation, mechanization of the process from the maintenance of the olive grove to the harvest.

Within the species Olea europea L. are several groups of cultivars, spread throughout different areas of the country.

Other very important variables are:

- Types of soil - in sandy soils we will start with oils that are more aromatic than in clay

- Climate - The cold promotes superior aromatic intensity

- Irrigation - in years of few rains, we do daily watering not letting damage the fruit

- Degree of maturation - must be harvested at the optimal time of maturation so that we can find all the phenolic components, since they are lost with the evolution of fruit maturation.

- Extraction - must be made in the cold so as not to change the quality of the oil and so that all the qualities of the olive oil are not lost.

- Sensory patterns

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